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Logic Pro X - Match Loop Tempo with BPM Counter and Flex Time

Double audio is a great way to fatten up your music and provides scope for new and creative approaches. With Logic Pro X So you might be thinking what does this have to do with top pro tips on editing? Well changing the sound of an audio file is to some degree considered editing, your taking a part and changing it in some way.

I would highly recommend you dive in to the Selection-based Processing tool and see how far you can push your creative boundaries! Another new addition to Logic Pro X came with the ability to increase the decrease the gain of an individual audio region. For example a singer may sing a lead vocal with the odd word and line sung quieter than intended. Rather than re-record you can simply edit the audio so that word or line becomes a new and separate region and then increase the Gain from the menu option in the top left of the Arrange page.

In any case even on the rare occasions I have a session guitarist like timing I still go in and move the audio around, maybe tweaking the timing or even moving it to another rhythmical value.

Become a Logic Pro Loops Master!

The Absolute and Relative feature is a great aid here as it can preserve where the part was recorded in time or place it to an absolute beat ensuring the part is fully quantised to the beat. The other advantage of Flex is it allows you to not only alter the timing but bring the part in time or have the same feel as other audio regions too.

USe you ears to spot if the parts are in time and recorded well. That is depending on the style of music you write? I use it for all sorts of ways to treat audio, if I need to make a keyboard chord last longer I can stretch it a little.

Become a Logic Pro Loops Master!

If I want the final short or resolving note to last longer at the end of the song I can. If had to pick a favourite tool in Logic hands down it would be the Marque tool or maybe the fade tool that can do some cool stuff. Every time you hover over a region the Marque tool can be used at the bottom of the screen. This mean you can leave the automation well alone. I like to use a VU meter at the very end of my mix bus master chain.

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Keeping your mix at 0vu is also good because it keeps it at a level that your converters will like. Audio interfaces have analog components, they convert your signal back to analog when the signal is pushed out to your speakers and therefore 0vu is always a good call. Plus it gives you plenty of headroom for mastering.

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