Get access to Facebook Messages for iPad

Now, when you go back to the main Facebook app, messages are once again displayed in the messages tab.

Six Ways to Send Facebook Messages without Messenger

The workaround — first spotted by The Guardian — works with both the iPhone and Android apps messages are still accessible via Facebook's iPad app. Of course, there's a chance Facebook may update its apps to close this loophole, so the workaround may not be effective for long. Your other option, aside from jailbreaking your phone, is to use the mobile-web version of Facebook instead of the app.

Not all of Facebook's mobile users have been forced to download Messenger, yet; the company previously confirmed it would take several weeks for the change to roll out to all users. We're using cookies to improve your experience. I have looked around online, and no one has even asked this question yet.


Can anyone give me a clear answer? Asked about 4 years ago by Nick A Roberts. FB or FB full site https: FB above to see it yourself.

Has Facebook removed messages from the iPad app?

FB you'll be brought to the default of your device which is essentially "mobile", ie. Hopefully I've explained it clear enough for you. My FB private Message won't allow conversation anymore on my iPad How can I fix this.

Message was necessary if one wanted to post a comment in private to a friend, why can't we still use this? How helpful was this answer?

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