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Your browser does not support iframes. Secret in the Shadows. Hidden Object Intrigue This is a hidden object game in which you must search for clues hidden in a scene.

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Once you have found all of the clues, you win the game. Revealing Mysteries The game is split into separate episodes, like a TV show, and you don't need to play the episodes in any particular order. Dark Secrets Once you start an episode, you have 60 minutes to complete it. The Timer only runs while you are inside a level, and you may halt the Timer by hitting Pause, or by clicking on the Timer itself.

Elusive Spies You may leave the game and your progress will be saved so you can come back to it later. Soul 71 Now Playing! Amazing Adventures 10 Now Playing! Jigsaw Detective 11 Now Playing! The Oracle of Ur - Collector's Edition. Find those objects inside the scene displayed, and click on them in the scene.

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Once all ten hidden objects have been found, the level should end unless the level also contains the Night Vision Goggles, the Flashlight or the Fogcutter; click on them once you find them. They will come in handy in a later level of the game. Examine the images on both sides very carefully, and spot the differences between the two images. Once you have found a difference, click on it. If you're stuck and cant find one of the hidden objects, you can hit the Clue button to activate the Clue Detector.

Move the detector around the screen and the closer you get to a hidden object, the more the detector's meter will fill with red.

Click on the hidden object once you locate it. The Clue detector can only be activated once it is charged, and activating it will take 60 seconds off the clock. To win a Jackpot Spin in Clue: Don't be afraid to click the Clue button for a hint. The names of hidden objects can be misleading.

If it says "Bow" you might need to find the weapon, a piece of ribbon, or a violin bow, so don't assume which one it is. You'll need one of them to complete the episode. The ultimate pranking game has gone after memes and professional sports. Sherlock the crap out of mind-blowing puzzles and prank some of you favorite TV shows! When winter comes, the undead will be ready to troll instead of munch on yummy human brains!.

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Just be sure to go looking for a walkthrough before you give yourself a major headache. If you let them get to you, these downright insane levels of non-stop trolling could drive you straight into the nearest psych ward! So get ready for your next trolling broadcast. Should she actually step into it? Can you find a way to escape from this dangerous suburban home in this challenging online game?

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Maybe you can escape? Join him while he explore his new home in this hidden objects game. The media can be a powerful tool. Things like television networks, cameras and Twitter can be used for good or evil.

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