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But recent activity except in Request and Random rooms has all but stopped. In the Random room a user asked for a new link to Silk Road and the responses were limited. Another user posting an image of a child fully clothed featuring bare feet pleading for a site featuring underage bare feet.

PUBG: Funny Voice Chat Moments Ep. 1

An Anonymous user responded: One popular chat service is OnionChat , an anonymous Tor-based real-time chat room quasi-affiliated with the Onions subreddit. The DeepWeb Link Directory in the site OnionDir had some promising hyperlinks and some not-so-promising ones like the now defunct Deep Web Radio and a blog claiming to be a Deep Web blog but was actually just stories dedicated to spanking. The New Yorker Strongbox is a secure transmission for writers and editors where I was given the code name: Mike Tigas , a news application developer for ProPublica, has a functioning blog in the Deep Web but has not posted anything new for some time, which was true for many other blogs as well.

Reddit user NekroTor is on a quest to reboot many of the Freedom Hosting sites that were taken down. On the same day, the long-awaited Utopia Market was seized, which just goes to show that all the markets fucking suck these days except for Agora and TMP, and that you should just wait until BlackMarket Reloaded opens up again… eventually … 5 years later, no BMR. NekroTor is correct in writing that most of the content right now on the Dark Web is not that great.

On top of the fact that there used to be a wealth of sites for illegal black market interactions, there also used to be radio, books, blogs, political conversations, and even an Encyclopedia Dramatica that was a satirical culture-based wiki and is now laden with porn and pop-ups. NekroTor created a new version of Hidden Wiki that has some functional links to audio and video streaming as well as some up-to-date forums for socializing and buying and selling.

Instagram now shows when users are online, last active status: Here’s how it will work

TrelianScar is not alone. The Deep Web is making appearances in the media, in dinner conversations, and of course on Internet forums. Based upon Jetstream 1. Read here for more details.

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Better battery life, performance, and security Enjoy extended battery life 3 when browsing unplugged and get to what you are looking for quickly. Microsoft Edge is faster than Google Chrome The faster way to get things done on the web. Enjoy faster browsing on a new Windows 10 computer Help me choose. But friends and followers with whom you have exchanged Direct Messages, they will be able see your active status and vice-versa.

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Direct Messages as a feature has gained popularity on Instagram, especially after the introduction of Instagram Stories. When a user shares a Daily Story, and a friend posts a reply to this, it is shared as a direct message on the app. The new active now and last active feature is likely aimed at making messaging on the app a more seamless experience. Still, Instagram is giving users the option of turning off the last seen status on the app.