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In order to use these instructions, you will need to have added an email account into the Apple Mail client.

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Scroll down to your newly added mail account. Click on the drop-arrow to see the Drafts, Sent, Junk, and Trash folders, then click on the Drafts folder to highlight it. This will assign the Drafts folder in the client to the corresponding server folder. Both are through private IMAP servers i. Drafts" while the other has "Drafts Mailbox: The same is true for Sent Messages, Trash etc.

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No issues like this with El Capitan. I found it in the new mail. I was on the phone with Apple when I found it on my own.

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They didn't even know. It was quite a journey trying to find the answer to this dilemma. When I do this, all of the options for how to "Use this mailbox as" are grayed out. Back to first comment top. Skip to Main Content Skip to Navigation. Premium Website Builder PrestaShop 1. Mac Mail Error - Mail can't verify the identity of "mail.

How to set up Mac Mail hits. How to fix error while moving messages in Apple Mail hits. For many people, it is. If you're a Gmail user, there are two very simple tricks to better filtering of your email and regaining control of your inbox, and they've been around so long that no one really talks about them anymore. That's a shame, because plenty of Gmail users still don't about them. Use Periods The first trick is to use periods in your Gmail address.

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Gmail doesn't differentiate between a valid Gmail address and the same address with periods inserted in it. For example, if your email address is talkingNY gmail. Likewise, if you initially set up your Gmail address as Name. The concept, then, is to give out an alternate email addresses with a period or periods in them for different purposes and then filter those messages into different folders.

For example, you might give out the NameSurname email address to your friends, but use Name. Surname for business acquaintances, or confirmation emails from online shopping, or newsletter lists and listservs. You don't need to do anything to start using the new address es , but you do have to set up the filters if you want the messages to skip your inbox and go directly to another folder. To set up the filter, follow these steps: From the cog icon in the upper right, go to Settings.

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Read the review in German below. Great Airmail supports me in my productivity. I am a private user and still receive tons of e-mails that I have to cope with. From an article in the heise magazine I learned about the advantages of a Zero Inbox. Freeing I find now the empty Zero Inbox!

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With filters, snooze functions and synchronizations, Airmail makes it easier for me to structure my e-mails and assign priorities. Some mails, like newsletters I read only on weekends. So Steven from support helped me to create a rule to automatically snooze and postpone it to the weekend and I am very relieved about that. I also use the Snooze function as a kind of reminder and I also save a separate reminder! Assuming the customer sends me his address by email at noon today.

In the evening when I am at home, I will pack the package and I need the address in the mail. During the time in between I want a Zero Inbox! Now I set the Snooze function and I get the reminder and the required working material in the e-mail!