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The value of the purchase will automatically be reported as the conversion value. Optional Click Include in "Conversions. If you uncheck this setting, data will still be included in the "All conversions" column. Otherwise, leave it checked.

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This lets Google Ads alert you if you have multiple conversion actions tracking app installs for the same app, so that you can avoid counting two conversions——and potentially bidding for two conversions——for a single app install. With AdWords, you can run ads on Google to stand out on local searches. Only pay when your ad is clicked. Sign Up for AdWords. Privacy Policy Terms of Service. Track app conversions with Google Play Use conversion data from Google Play to see how effectively your ads lead to Android app installs and in-app activity.

Sign in to your AdWords account. Click the Tools tab, and select Conversions from the drop-down menu.

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Select the "App" option. Enter the name of the Android app install you'd like to track. This will help you recognize this action later when it shows up in conversion reports. Enter a value for each install usually the price of the app , or select "Don't assign a value" if you'd prefer not to count one. Devices from different manufacturers can be tracked simultaneously.

With custom coding, other devices can also be integrated as well using the included example "template" device communication server. The look and feel of the tracking web site can easily be customized to fit the motif of the specific company.

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Within the OpenGTS framework, other mapping service providers can also easily be integrated. Using an internal XML-based reporting engine, detail and summary reports can be customized to show historical data for a specific vehicle, or for the fleet. Our attention to the bottom line dominates our process. Everything we offer works to push your revenue or reduce costs.

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