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When you stop and think about it, the ability to connect to and control a Now open your chosen VNC viewer. A static IP address doesn't change. What are the advantages to this, and why would you want one? Now that your iPhone can be controlled remotely, at least over a local network connection, you can do some cool things like:. There are limitations too.

For Mac users, the answer is probably no. For everyone else, why not drop a comment below! Looking for an iPhone app to control your entertainment equipment?

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Here's how to start using it. Your email address will not be published. I was desperate to remotely use my phone in a hurry, because we use WhatsApp for on-call urgent texting, and iPhone users are the only ones who don't have access to the WhatsApp web client, presumably because API restrictions in IOS. I got everything up in about five minutes. To the person who finds that they can only view their phone, VNC clients typically have both a 'view' and a 'use' mode.

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I'm using my phone with My Macbook's "Screen Sharing" app. I don't know if this is a function of what client I'm using or of Veency, but Left click is touch. Right click is home button. Mouse or Trackpad scroll does NOT translate to device scroll. You have to left-click touch and drag up or down to scroll on device. My idle lock engaged when I was typing this, and I was able to touch the screen in VNC and type my screen lock code to get back in, so that's nice.

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I'm not sure if I'd use this to project my phone for a demo. If there was enough typing involved, I might, because auto-correct is just damn maddening. If I didn't, though, I'd connect my iPhone or iPad to my mac via my sync cable, go into QuickTime, Create new video, and select my device from the drop down to the right of the right of the record button. It's strictly observe only, though. It does not type in the apps though it shows iphone on your computer.

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All the commands work but does not type into apps. Do i have any alternate to type into iphone through pc? I liked that and tested it yesterday.. My only concern is the delay on my pc. I click an icon, I find it opened on the iPhone and maybe after 1or 2 seconds it opened on my desktop.. Any solution for that delay? The monitoring software can be installed on any computer, tablet or smartphone, and requires an internet connection to operate. This is not limited to Mac computers, the software can be installed on Windows PCs or laptops, and even Android mobiles.

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Lately, the internet has been plagued with unfortunate news of celebrities having their photos leaked from hacked iCloud accounts. Here is what every parent needs to know about these events — in many cases the way the hackers accessed those accounts was by correctly guessing their security questions correctly, which for celebrities can often be common knowledge or are a short Google Search away.

What should you take from this? Take the time to think of or make up unique questions for which only you will have the answer. With so many kids and teenagers sold on having iPhones and other Apple products, it has never been easier to now fully monitor online activity. It is impossible to keep your kids safe from predators, pornography, or sexting, without a little help from a digital nanny. This is what mSpy can offer you; a very simple and jailbreak free solution, that anyone can setup with minimal time and effort. The simplicity of turning on iCloud features, logging in, and having full operational access is as easy as it gets.

Now all parents, no matter how little technical knowhow, can take advantage of these powerful and helpful tools. The service and features all work as described, and offers the perfect solution for the every day parent who does not want to go through the hassle, loss of warranty, and possible damaging process of jailbreaking their iPhone. For all intents and purposes, using them is exactly the same as what we outlined for mSpy above. Their customer service is terrible as well. I would not recommend. If iCloud does not complete the backup can you still get the text messages from the tracked device.

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How does It Work? Saved call list including full numbers, names and time stamps. Logs of full text messages sent and received on the iDevice.

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Logs of full messages sent between iMessage users on target device. View all photos and images, taken, saved or received on iDevice. View all saved contacts on device. Saved notes are also backed up and accessed through iCloud. Full account details for each device. Login to mSpy and add Devices Once you have downloaded and installed the control panel software, you will be prompted to enter the Apple ID and password for the mobile device you wish to access.

How to Control iPhone from Computer Without Jailbreak

Does it Work Well? Eric September 5, John November 11, Eric did this work for you? Interested in knowing if this still works. Jacqui November 26, ELLE February 1, SoGa October 8,