How to See Someones Pictures on Facebook When Private

The way this worked in the past was simple:.

However, this appears to just display public photos now, so those of you who are security-conscious can rest easy now. In the meantime, read the methods below. Alistair Kavalt Founder at Sycosure. Alistair Kavalt takes a no-nonsense approach to life both online and offline. He's the founder of Sycosure, an online marketing company based in La Quinta, California that aims to provide small businesses with the resources they need to improve and protect their online search presence.

How to See Hidden Photos of Someone on Facebook

To learn more about Alistair, visit his author page or his Linkedin page. Therefore, strangers are not able to view their photos, friend lists, or any other activity. You can take the assistance of a third-party tool to meet your requirements.

Method II - How to See Locked Facebook Full-size Profile Pictures

Spyzie is a remarkable spying tool that can help you track real-time activity on a target device. Besides getting their location and accessing their calls, messages, photos, etc. You can get its paid subscription to access its features. You can even delete the app icon and let it run in the stealth mode. This would include every kind of update and activity related to their Facebook account.

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PictureMate is a freely available Google Chrome extension that can let you view pictures of anyone on Facebook without any added trouble. It is a freely available tool, which needs to be activated in 7 days. After installing the extension, you need to restart Chrome. From the top left corner, you can see that the extension has been added.

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It will provide the result of all the photos posted by someone else on which the user is being tagged. If you can access their device, then you can simply screenshot their account photos and mail it to yourself.

View Anyone's Facebook Private Photos Easily (In Hindi )

Though, it can be quite risky and you might end up getting detected. The best way to do it is by taking the assistance of a spying app like Spyzie.

How to view private Facebook profiles and photos with Copy9?

You can simply follow the above-mentioned steps to install Spyzie on the device and use its web-based dashboard. This will let you know what the targeted user is upto at that time.

Instead of simply adding them as a friend, you can send them a message.