Wii Remote Head Tracking Software

Wiimote Head-Tracking

I'm glad it worked on the first try once you have a working IR Led pen or IR Flashlight or whatever your IR source is just don't put a candle on your head! Select Camera from the Cam panel, then choose Wii Remote 1 and click the Start button below if everything went fine, you should see that the first and last blue led on the wiimote are lit, now you should see a skull on the left panel point the IR source to the wiimote and voila you should see a red dot floating around and also you'll see the skull look around accordingly to the red dot.

If you see more than a red dot or if you don't see it at all, move the threshold bar until you see it.

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  • Anyone try Wiimote for head tracking?.
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Also note the incredibly fps of the wiimote, it easily goes up to fps! Find a suitable place for the wiimote, for this project we found out that the best place was above the LCD.

  • Wii remote head-tracking: virtual reality on the Wii.
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  • Anyone try Wiimote for head tracking?.

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PCMote: Headtracking using Wiimote and Freetrack

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FreeTrack v2.1 head tracking performance