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The data can help you drill down on where your most productive team members spend their time, and where the less productive ones are wasting it. Application monitoring Track employee app usage Hubstaff's application monitoring software allows you to see which programs your employees run when using the work time tracker. Every time they switch to a different program, you'll know about it and know how long they spent using the program. You can get a quick glimpse of which applications are used most often, as well as see when the applications are used when time tracking is running.

The rate Hubstaff charges for paying your staff. Payroll is a time consuming task, especially as a small business grows larger with every employee. Hubstaff's simple automated payroll allows you to set up payments one time so you can focus on more important matters.

Time Tracking Software with Screenshots & Employee Monitoring

Your employees' pay is calculated to the second using the Hubstaff time tracker and the individual pay rate you set and sent to PayPal, Payoneer, or Bitwage. Automate your payroll now. See what our clients have to say.

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Absolutely LOVE this software! After using Hubstaff, our productivity has nearly tripled for my company. The majority of our team are virtual employees, so keeping track of their productivity levels is key to refining our team and collaborating faster on projects. Hubstaff has not only helped us scale our online publishing business, but hold each of our virtual employees accountable. Ensuring that they are focused, completing projects on time and hitting deadlines. After using your tool, I realized my VA was hiring someone else to do their work for them. I couldn't figure out why their quality of work was poor and slow and the screenshot and activity features revealed it.

Hubstaff has helped me know my team better in how they work - in ways that I could never have. The uneasiness of you and your clients wondering if you're getting what you pay for goes out the window. I recommend Hubstaff to any team - remote or in-house. Over 30 awesome time tracking and payment integrations Hubstaff time tracker integrates with popular project management software, CRM, help desk, and payment tools to make your life easier and your employees happier.

Integrate Hubstaff and Asana in minutes Automatic updates project teams stay synced See exact time spent working on project tasks Integrate Hubstaff with Asana.

Time tracker & employee monitoring with screenshots and activity levels

Simple and quick setup To-dos automatically sync after they are added in Basecamp Full reporting on time tracked to to-dos in Hubstaff Integrate Hubstaff with Basecamp. See time spent working as a comment on the issue New issues automatically sync Generate automatic reports of time worked in Hubstaff Integrate Hubstaff time tracker with GitHub. Easy to setup takes minutes New Insightly tasks automatically sync Customizable reports of time spent on Insighly tasks Integrate Hubstaff time tracker with Insightly.

Easily search the Hubstaff app for assigned Trello cards View time spent on cards in Hubstaff Download and email reports of time worked Integrate Hubstaff with Trello. Easy to connect your Pivotal Tracker account Track time on stories with the push of a button Automatically generated reports Integrate Hubstaff with Pivotal Tracker.

Time tracked visible in Podio See screenshots of time spent working on Podio tasks Full reporting of your team's work time Integrate Hubstaff with Podio. Connect Hubstaff and Mavenlink in minutes Users can see and track time to their tasks Mark tasks as completed right from the Hubstaff app Integrate Hubstaff with Mavenlink.

Time tracking with screenshots and activity levels Complete Teamwork tasks from Hubstaff Customizable reports that can be emailed and downloaded Integrate Hubstaff time tracker with Teamwork. Connect Redbooth and Hubstaff in a matter of minutes New Redbooth tasks show in the Hubstaff app automatically Time tracked on tasks is entered in Redbooth Integrate Hubstaff time tracker with Redbooth.

Quickly set up the integration Your team members will see their assinged issues automatically once connected Time tracked is posted on GitLab issues Integrate Hubstaff time tracker with GitLab. Mobile time tracking and reports Hubstaff's iPhone and Android time tracking app provides you with employee monitoring and mobile time tracking, whether you are using mobile or a Mac, Windows or Linux. Our time logger app is simple to use, lightweight, and runs in the background so you can take care of business without interruption.

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Easy timekeeping no matter where you go with Hubstaff's iOS app. Have accurate time logging showing how long it takes to get from place to place and how much time you spend at each location with the push of a button. All time logged through Hubstaff's mobile time tracker app is automatically organized into reports online. You can customize, download, and email these reports.

You'll always be able to track employee location and time work done at each job site. Staff scheduling Create and view online employee schedules for your staff Hubstaff's online scheduling app provides you with a simple employee attendance tracker and an easy way to manage your staff schedule. Our time tracker will email alerts to inform you right away of any late, missed, or abandoned shifts, so you'll always know your employee attendance and that they get to work on schedule.

Easy and flexible invoicing Hubstaff's invoicing software allows you to send invoices for work done, either by time tracked with Hubstaff or for fixed payments. Manage and bill as many clients as you need to and record payments. You'll never have to waste time with manual invoices again.

Cut waste in your company Most business owners never find a tool to measure employee productivity and find which team members are truly effective. Hubstaff time tracker and employee monitoring provides the vision and analytics that will let you stack your team with only A-players.

I'm Ready to Save Money. Automation and powerful reporting Hubstaff has automated timesheets for projects and tasks with over 30 integrations , automated payroll, weekly limits, and pay rates.

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Hubstaff automates admin work so you can spend time growing your business. Help Me Automate My Business. The user can now start monitoring the target cell phone by logging in to another device like a computer, laptop, tablet, or another cell phone. The spy software can monitor all activities on the targeted cell phone. They can also see what websites were visited, along with other internet activities performed on the device.

The app enables one to find the location of a lost cell phone via GPS. If you need help getting started, we are here to help. In just a few minutes you can download and install the mobile phone monitoring software to begin logging activities such as:. As a parent you feel obligated to give your child a cell phone so you can be able to contact him at any time. While there is a sense of security in knowing you can reach him, it is overshadowed by the problems caused by the access to inappropriate websites, and exposure to unsupervised texting or chatting. Your child's cell phone activities can be kept in check thanks to Mobile Spy, the most advanced and reliable mobile phone monitoring software.

This could be the most valuable tool in a parent's modern day arsenal, allowing you to learn about how your child uses his cell phone and take action to keep him safe. When employees know that they are being monitored they naturally work more efficiently.

Employee Cell Phone Monitoring - Learn How To Make This Software Work For Your Company!

Mobile Spy is the perfect tool for checking on your employee cell phone activities. With the knowledge of what they do you can stop them from visiting websites, wasting time out in the field, and posting information to social media that may be harmful to your company's reputation.

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  • See why parents and employers enjoy the monitoring benefits of Mobile Spy:. The only way to find her was by tracking the SMS with your software.